Smoke On Water, recreates the magic of the era when shred of guitars tore through the shackles of dominion , bringing to the fore the nascent instinct of humans to let go the spirit of intoxication combined with rock ’n’ roll. With a thematic rock-music experience and all day sports, located in the heart of Delhi’s oldest market, Connaught place in D-block, SOW gives you a fascinating and stylized experience of drinking, taking it to a whole new level with first-of-its-kind Tap-Your-Beer on table system in town. Here at the Home of The Fiery Wings , you can choose from 16 different flavors of chicken wings, not offered anywhere else.

Value Proposition

Enhanced Guest Experience - We begin the new wave of next generation restaurants which use technology to leverage and enhance the guest experience by reducing wait times for the guest. Let us explain this a bit... Traditionally when you visit a pub, during peak hours you need to wait for the waiter to bring your drink from the bar. However, at Smoke on Water, if you are here to grab a beer, you can simply pour it yourself on your table. No need to wait on it !

What's wrong with typical bars these days? Simple, they look like dark , dingy warehouses with random displays of TVs, if any. The thinking is that in a dark environment the TVs will pop out great. This is against intuitive thinking, as in a lighter environment it is more pleasant for the guest as their eyes are able to adjust comfortably to TV lights & dim ambient light or when they look from a dark background to a TV. Even if the food is good at such dimly lit places, the only people who want to hang out are youngsters or people wanting to watch an interesting game with friends. Its certainly not the place to take your whole team including kids, who these days love to go with family to restaurant and watch their favorite player knock a six or Messi score the winning goal!

Traditionally how are rock bars?. Rock is a genre that we feel appeals to every sect of the population because of how it is created and more so how it is experienced. Rock can mean many different things to many folks and it has a certain feel to it, but what creates it? Well, a combo of vocals, guitar and attitude. However for true lovers it can’t be put in words. Our unique rock-music experience features Grunge, alternative, metal, hard rock through videos played on 20+ flatscreens. Come and experience it!

Here, at Smoke on Water you will find lighter coloured beige brick-walls with subtle grey rustic ceilings and over 20 flatscreen televisions to enjoy beer and sports. Our aim is to enhance the experience of rooting for your favorite team.


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